Sports betting, just like any other hustle requires a partner who you could trust and rely on when it comes to information. Credible betting sites like have been known to be accurate and reliable on the data they provide for new and experienced punters. But what are some of the considerations we rely on in selecting and rating Sportsbook?

In this blog, we will tell you about the factors that determine a betting site’s rating and list some of the best sports betting sites in Kenya.

1. Licensing and Data Security

When it comes to reviewing the betting sites for our clients, we understand that our reader’s data and safety are paramount. To this extent, we always take a deep dive to find out if the betting site has the relevant licenses and certifications from the government and other licensing bodies. Additionally, we tend to look at the safety of the website, in regard to the degree of encryption, and once satisfied that a user’s data is safe, we rank them highly. We look at the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), which is the principal regulatory body for all the Kenyan betting sites.

2. Wide Payment Options 

When selecting sports betting sites for our clients, we tend to highly rate those that have a variety of payment methods. This means that punters could use mobile money services like M-Pesa to deposit and withdraw money, use banks and even physically deposit at booths and agents. The ease at which one can access their funds also plays a major role when being ranked.

3. Bonuses, Promotions, and offers

We want our readers to get the highest returns when they stake their money. we undertake extensive research on which sportsbook offers a huge welcome bonus, frequent promotions, and rewards its customers with random offers. When reviewing and ranking the betting site, we recommend a site that balances the 3 features and rewards accordingly.

4. Customer Reviews

Our dedicated team of researchers takes other users’ experience seriously- and that is the reason they comb through tens of reviews by previous clients. Where a betting site is highly acclaimed and has positive reviews, we will obviously recommend it to our clients and vice versa. Customer reviews also help us determine the authenticity of a betting site, in addition to how customer care addresses the issues raised by the users.

5. User Interface

The layout of a website and the accessibility of the various options on the user page matter a lot. We look at a website that has an easy-to-navigate interface, yet it comprehensively covers all the areas that the punter wants to access on the landing page. 

Having considered the factors that determine how we rank sports betting sites, it is important that we list some of the best. More information on why we recommend and rank the sites below highly could be found on the Bettingguide Kenya page.

  1. Mozzartbet 
  2. Betsafe 
  3. Sahara Games 
  4. Betwinner Kenya
  5. Betway