Shares has launched a new quiz focused on the upcoming Kenyan general election. The website hosts internet based quizzes focused on misinformation.

With the general election around the corner, Kenyans have had to deal with cases of misinformation and also disinformation and so the election focused quiz intends to educate Kenyans on the various types of misinformation and how to identify them.

Chris Machin, Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, said at the launch, “Here in Kenya, the United States has contributed nearly $20m to strengthen Kenyan-led efforts to enhance accountability and transparency of the election process.” He continued, “As internet penetration continues to rise, the threat of misinformation persists online and aims to engage them with a test on misinformation regarding the elections. People can test their knowledge and have an interactive learning experience.”

Mark Kaigwa, Founder and Team Leader of, said at the launch, “Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok play a growing role in the spread of news and information. The information disorder varies from platform to platform, and it will take vigilance on voters and greater work by platforms ahead of August 9th. A section of Kenyan internet users is being exposed to mis, dis, and mal-information. aims to counteract this by reaching those who may be fooled into forwarding, shamed into sharing or tricked by the trends. aims to solicit Kenyans and engage their friends, families, and peers to stop, reflect, and verify before sharing.”

The quiz was built through research and evidence collected from surveying over 100,000 social media updates across the web in 2022. In addition, the quiz has received support, in the form of data and insights, from fact checking organizations such as and is a misinformation quiz website and campaign. The web platform contains a series of quizzes on crucial themes from democracy and governance, health and other topics. The 2022 quiz is focused on the Kenyan general elections scheduled to be held on August 9th. The digital media literacy campaign surrounding the quiz includes a podcast, blog posts and a guide that equips voters and the general public on how to be digitally savvy before, during, and after the elections. was conceptualised in collaboration with the US Embassy in Kenya in April of 2018. In 2018, digital researcher and strategist Mark Kaigwa partnered up with the US Embassy in Kenya to create