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This morning, Mark Kaigwa made a comment that actually got me thinking. “Every blogger is a photographer, but not every photographer can blog”, he claimed. Thinking about it now, I realize that what he really meant is that a bloggers job almost always involves the use of imagery and a blogger, one way or the other, has to learn what a shutter is, among other trivial camera terminology.

But really? Is every blogger a photographer, or are we just wannabe photographers? I suppose wannabe photographers is the accurate description here, for definitely, there is a huge difference between what @mwarv shoots (see his website) and what my friend @kachwanya captures on his Galaxy S4 phone.

Well, so how can we help @Kachwanya with his photography? Can technology make him the photographer @mkaigwa thinks he should be should he have taken a trip to Sibiloi?


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Photo Suggest

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with Photo Suggest pre-installed and ready to use. Photo Suggest is a location-aware application which uses the Galaxy #S4ZoomKe’s GPS sensor and instantly displays photos taken within the user’s location on a Google map. Additionally, a user can search a location within the app and get useful photo suggestions.

Image via
Image via

So how would Photo Suggest help our photography newbie?



The greatest talent any professional photographer possess is the ability to assess their environment and select scenery and objects to include (and especially those to exclude) from their shots. Those visiting Sibiloi National Park will encounter numerous enchanting scenery and one challenge will be in deciding what to shoot and what not to shoot.

Using Photo Suggest, one can preview the scenery of any location and prepare (in advance) what features to capture. Which takes us to photo framing:


Once a scene, or features of a scene are selected, one then needs to frame the shot. Framing a shot is a great art and by looking at what other (probably professional photographers) have shared, one gets great ideas on how to exactly frame their shot.

Effects & Settings

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera phone has numerous nifty effects to enhance ones photography. Using these effects to add drama into ones shots, coupled with the power of Photo Suggest, any blogger (read wannabe photographer) might just actually be (not only pass for) a photographer. Whether this makes one a professional photographer is another story all together. But one thing is for sure, photos like these taken by @bikowesa using Galaxy #s4ZoomKe can begin to surface on many more blogs.

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