People venture into sports for different reasons, other just have a talent for it while for others it provides a means for a better future. While for others, it is purely due to the prevailing circumstances. Well, that is the story of the Kaur sisters.

I met the two sisters during the seventh leg of the Safaricom Golf Tour which was held at the Nyali Golf Club. The two aged 18 and 17 caught my attention due to the fact that they were playing in the Corporate Tournament despite being juniors.

The fact the two sisters were playing in the Corporate Tournament was perplexing till I came to learn that they were actually prepping for the Junior Tournament the following day. This is just how committed they were to the game, and it is a little wonder that they ended up emerging among the best players in the girls category.

Tell us about yourself

My name is  Harsimran Kaur and I am 18 years old and I am a junior golfer at the Nyali Golf Club. My sister’s name is Rasmeet Kaur and she is 17 years old.

Are in you in school?

Not at the moment, I have just finished my A Levels, so I am waiting to go to University while my sister is in Year 12.

What inspired you to start playing golf?

We started playing golf in 2020, this was around the time that the Covid-19 pandemic had hit the country. I have to say that our decision to take golf seriously was purely circumstantial because our dad had tried to get us to play the game previously, but we didn’t enjoy it.

However, with the schools and everything else closed we did not have anything much to do so we found ourselves coming to the golf course with our dad to play and somehow, we ended up loving the game.

What is your handicap?

My handicap is currently at 20, while my sister’s is at 18. I don’t know how this happened, but I need to pull up my socks.

Have you won any award so far?

Yes, I won the 2021 Ladies Handicap match play trophy during the Standard Group County Classic Series which was played here at Nyali Golf Club. While Rasmeet emerged as overall winner of the same tournament, she was also named the best girl in the over 15 years category of the Safaricom Golf Tour Junior Tournament held in our club.

Rasmeet Kaur holding her trophy during the Safaricom Golf Tour

How has playing golf benefitted you?

For one, it has helped with my personality, this is because before I started playing golf, I used to be reserved and didn’t like socializing with people. However, after I started playing, I got a confidence boost and I now able to socialize and interact with ease.

It also helps one develop honesty and self-control because, one needs to be honest in putting down the scores while playing. This is because cheating in golf is usually frowned upon, so these character traits are enforced while playing the game.

It has also taught me resilience and not giving up even during the times when I am having a bad day on the course. As a matter of fact, during the Corporate Tournament, my game was so bad that I felt like it was my first time playing golf but I decided to keep pushing ahead despite the odds.

What can you tell young people who are interested in playing golf?

If you are interested in the game, just start playing and soon you will get the hang of it. The game is a bit challenging so you might not like it at first but with a bit of practice it will start to grow on you.

How has Junior Golf Foundation benefitted you?

The Junior Golf Foundation is a life saver for us junior golfers.  This is because once you register, you are given a card which allows you to access any golf club in the country and all you need to do is pay Ksh. 120 as the green fees. This has helped me to keep playing even when I travel to places like Nairobi.

Other than access to golf clubs, they also hold tournaments for juniors which enables one to meet other players your age which motivates you to keep playing and improve your game.

What do you think is the impact of the Safaricom Golf Tour?

I have to say that I am very grateful to Safaricom for bringing the tour to our club because the last time I saw a tournament this big and organized was during the Nyali Open. Other than that, I believe that the Junior golf clinic will have an impact of demystifying golf as well as enabling more kids to start playing which in the long run will make golf more competitive.

Playing in the junior tournament has also enabled to meet many new people whom I have never played against and I believe that this will go a long way in improving my game.

Alyssa Jamal and Aydan Jamal emerged as the winners of the Nyali’s Safaricom Juniors Golf tournament