For you to enjoy your music at the gym, you need good listening devices that have a perfect sound and are healthy to your ears. With the LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds, the sound mode in the Tone Free makes it possible for you to enjoy listening to any music.

The dynamic speaker unit also gives you the bass you need in your music. The Upper MIC plays a greater role in Noise Reduction and Echo Cancelling while the Lower MIC brings Clearer Voice Pick Up a call.

While people go to the gym for various reasons, many have added music to their work out sessions to give them a fun upbeat sound and motivate them.

Two features set apart the LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds. These are the design and sound. The Earbuds also come with Google Assistant, water-resistant, dynamic speaker unit, dual microphones, fast charging among others. When fully charged, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous listening experience.

The tone free earbuds also incorporate Voice Command to connect through voice access to Google Assistant or Siri on a connected smartphone. Intuitive touch commands built into the earbud allows the listener to play, pause, skip and control the volume level without reaching for the phone.

LG tone free earbuds specifications

Earbud size: 16.1 x 32.77 x 25.0 mm
Charging case size: 54.6 x 54.6 x 27.5 mm
Battery capacity:
: 55mAh x 2
Case: 390mAh
Charging time: 5 minutes for 1 hour of play
Battery life:
Talk: 5 hours
Play: 6 hours
Earbuds + Case: 18 hours
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (Single Device Connection)
Speaker: 2 Layered Dynamic
Microphones: 2 Outer
Compatibility: Android, iOS
Bluetooth Audio Codec: SBC, AAC
Colours: Stylish Black, Modern White