When the pandemic hit our shores back in March 2020, people who otherwise didn’t care a lot about cleanliness all of a sudden became clean freaks. With people wiping every visible surface with disinfectant while others even went to the extent of washing their shopping before using it in their houses.

The fact that people are nowadays being forced to wash their hands on a regular basis has meant that there has been a general reduction in diarrheal diseases. This is due to the fact that coronavirus pandemic has introduced proper handwashing habits across the country and people are rarely getting sick which was not always the case.

Essentially, cleanliness is important in that it reduces the chances of you falling sick. The same applies to items that we use on a daily basis such as phones, earbuds, earphones among others. However, some of these items are the most neglected when it comes to cleanliness. This is despite research showing that some items like our phones which are always in our hands are covered in germs from the different surfaces that we interact with. So, in as much as we endeavor to wash our hands, when we don’t remember to wipe our phones with disinfectants all this effort comes to naught.

The same applies to things like our earbuds which at times one may be forced to share as listen to some fire tracks. The thing is that most people forget to clean their earbuds after use and only wipe them with say a cloth/tissue every once in a while. This, however, does not really clean the earbuds as the bacteria which cannot be seen with the naked eye are still present. It is these bacteria which cause ear infection which can be very painful. The most common bacteria which can be found on earphone and earbuds are staphylococcus and p seudomonas, these can cause ear infections under the right circumstances.

Good news is that most of the ear infections can be treated easily but others can lead to serious issues like the rupturing of the ear drum which needs surgery to correct. However, all this can be avoided by regularly cleaning your earbuds so that you can avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

Given the fact that, courtesy of our busy schedules it easy to forget to do some of the mundane but important things like cleaning earbuds. The LG Tone Free earbuds comes with a UVnano charging case which kill 99% of bacteria. The built-in UVnano LEDs reduce the chance of bacteria surviving on the earbuds and the beauty is that this happens under 10 minutes while one is charging the earbuds. As such, one can safely say goodbye to ear infections with the LG Tone Free earbuds.