LG Electronics has over the years invested in many social and community causes in East Africa touching on environment, education, health and sports. As a responsible member of the society, the company has committed to create a better society by consistently delivering social value to communities.

From supporting vaccination programs to promoting inclusive education, LG Electronics pursues a sustainability agenda that balances business activities with the needs of society, environment and the economy.

LG in East Africa has through its regional office touched many lives in communities with its expanded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in collaboration with its partners.

In 2020 the company partnered with the International Vaccine Institute to roll out a cholera vaccination project in Ethiopia. The project benefitted 40,000 people in areas that are vulnerable to water borne diseases like diarrhea.

Likewise in 2019, LG concluded a successful ten-year partnership with PCEA Kikuyu Hospital in Kenya to revamp its orthopedic rehabilitation unit.

Besides alleviating the suffering of patients with orthopedic injuries and conditions, the project also highlighted the plight of physically impaired persons in Kenya.

In Kenya, over 50,000 people are diagnosed with corneal blindness, majority of them children. LG has supported an initiative to combat this debilitating illness through corneal grafting at the Lions Eye Hospital. Similarly, over 600 children including 225 with hearing impairments in Kenya, have benefitted from new and refurbished learning facilities in Machakos County, supported by LG and the Habitat for Humanity.

On the education front, LG has promoted an inclusive approach in line with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda of which LGE is an active champion.

Over 600 children including 225 with hearing impairments in Kenya, have benefitted from new and refurbished learning facilities in Machakos County supported by LGE in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.

Promoting equal learning opportunities for children mostly from poor, under-privileged communities directly contributes to the SDGs on quality education, reduced inequalities, no poverty and gender equality.

The LG-KOICA Hope Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College in Ethiopia is another example of how LGE is bridging inequalities in learning. The college offers hope to many young people in Ethiopia for a better future by equipping them with vital vocational skills to contribute to their country’s economic development.

The college is also equipped with the latest technologies and special technical training from LG Dubai Service Corporate and Yeonam Institute of Technology sponsored by LG Electronics, South Korea.

On environment, LGE has been at the forefront of promoting a greener, more sustainable Planet by helping restore damaged and endangered ecosystems. We have worked with communities to plant thousands of trees in key water catchment areas.

In 2016, LG staff were involved in conservation activities around Lake Elementeita, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to thirteen globally threatened bird species.

In terms of Sports and heritage, LG has over the years partnered with the Sports Journalists Association of Kenya (SJAK) to recognize exemplary sporting talent.

The partnership was renewed this year to the tune of Ksh. 6.6 million with the launch of the Sports Personality of the Month Award. Winners receive cash and LG electronic appliances.

LG has reiterated its commitment to use its influence to address the challenges facing local communities thus creating a better society.