Nowadays Bluetooth speakers are the rage because they give one the ability to enjoy music on the go say on a road trip or when camping. The most attractive feature for the speakers is that they come with batteries and as such don’t need a power outlet to operate as opposed to other music systems.

There are many models of Bluetooth speakers in the market and what differentiates them is the quality of sound and battery life among other features. I had the pleasure of using the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker and here are my thoughts;


The bluethooth speaker measures about 86 mm by 50 mm and weighs in at 164 grams. When it comes to color you can only get the speaker in black. The rounded front panels are covered in grille that protects a  43mm, 3-watt driver. It has a loop for easy handling, and a Micro USB port is located on the side.

There is a dedicated power button on the side panel, as well as volume up and down buttons. On the back panel, it is rubberized  to keep the speaker stable when lying flat on desktops.

Integrated Microphone

Normally when a call comes through while listening to music via a Bluetooth speaker, one has to turn off the Bluetooth so as to be able to pick the call. This is due to the fact that most Bluetooth speakers don’t come with a microphone which means that in as much as you might hear what the caller is saying they can’t hear you.

To solve this problem, the Nokia Bluetooth speaker comes with an integrated microphone which allows you to pick a call and talk via the speaker and thereafter continue listening to music without the hassle of having to disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth.


It uses Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and can fully support PartyBoost mode, which means you can connect two compatible Nokia speakers for stereo playback.


When listening to tracks which have bass, the Nokia Bluetooth speaker delivered a decent sense of low-frequency depth at moderate volumes, but at higher levels, it struggled with distortion. However, given the size one cannot expect to have that deep a bass. Nonetheless, it produced a decent sound that one could work with.

Battery Life

The speaker comes with a 800 mAh battery which offers up to 4 hours of wireless playback.  This is adequate when you just want to listen to music once in a while when just chilling outside or while hiking.

When connected to your phone, one can be able to see the level of the battery allowing you to juice up before the battery gets drained. The only downside is that it comes with a Micro USB charger which means that it does take some time to fully charge.


The Nokia Bluetooth speaker is a good-looking, easily portable speaker which offers decent sound and a definite buy. The guys at HMD Global haven’t started selling the speaker in our market but keep it here for more updates.