3Es Experience is an organization that promotes environmental conservation, improve the livelihoods of communities, and empower students in Kenya.

The organization took part in the Old Mutual Sisonke competition and they won Ksh. 190,000 to expand its operations.

We recently spoke to Vivian Kemboi and John Mativo of 3Es Experience on their work in Kenya.

1. Tell us about yourselves

Vivian– My name is Vivian Kemboi. I am the Founder and Managing Director of 3Es Experience. I am also a monitoring and valuation expert.

John– I am John Mativo, a director at 3Es Experience and an expert in the energy sector.

2. Tell us about 3Es Experience

Vivian – We launched the initiative in 2019, with an aim of improving livelihoods in communities and in the education sector. 3Es represents our 3 pillars, Energy, Environment and Empowerment. Our initiative also advocates for environment conservation.

With our African Childhood Campaign, we provide students in marginalized areas with books and stationery.

3. Why was the initiative necessary?

John – When Vivian approached me, we very carefully examined scalability, sustainability, and replicability of the program in other parts of the country. Currently we have 3 schools in Kajiado County, with a plan to expand in other parts of Kajiado County. We later plan to move to Machakos County.

4. Why did you apply for the Sisonke competition?

Vivian – We applied for the competition because we needed more learning materials and more volunteers to help with follow ups and support. We also needed funding for expansion as well as sustainability.

5. How do you see the program impacting students and the country at large?

John – When we track progress, we have seen improvement in reading and writing for the schools we provide text books to.

Some students who live in extremely undeveloped areas have benefitted from the lanterns we provide through the program. With the solar lights, teachers and students with no access to electricity are able to study at night.

Our tree-planting exercises have also taught students about conservation and responsibility. Tree planting has become a community initiative that everyone feels a part of.

6. How has winning the competition impacted 3Es Experience?

Vivian – We are incredibly happy with the win. With the prize money we will be able to source more books, employ more teaching assistants and expand to other counties.

7. What is the future of 3Es Experience organization?

John – In the next 2 or 3 years we hope to have imparted essential reading, writing, life and time keeping skills. We are looking forward to impacting the lives of vulnerable students in other counties across the country.