Ogilvy has announced the lineup for Nudgestock 2021, a global festival curated by Ogilvy Consulting. The festival brings the worlds of creativity and behavioral science together. For the second consecutive year, Nudgestock will be available live and online across the globe for free on Friday, June 11, with continuous programming streaming live on the Nudgestock website.

This year’s festival features a roster of the brightest, most provocative, and inspiring minds spanning the worlds of behavioral science, marketing technology, sociology, and entertainment. Speakers will reveal why the keys to understanding hot-button issues like mindfulness, climate change, and vaccine hesitancy are all about behavioral science.

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK said, “One of the most interesting developments of the last year is that, suddenly, every business question is a behavioral question. There has never been a moment where marketing insight and creativity has been more needed in business and government. In times of stability, businesses tend to take human behaviour as a given, and focus on the more deterministic, operational questions posed by the balance sheet. With Nudgestock we aim to explore how real-world humans think, decide and act, something that has never felt more relevant.”

Ogilvy Africa CEO, Vikas Mehta commented, “Africa is a sea of opportunity and we believe platforms like Nudgestock can tremendously benefit the business and marketing communities across the continent. It’s a great platform to learn, from the experiences of some of world’s top minds. Behavioural sciences can apply to a wide spectrum of problems in business, and our society. We are proud to bring Nudgestock to Africa and hope practitioners across the continent benefit from it.”

Since 2013, Ogilvy’s Behavioral Science Practice has held Nudgestock in the UK. It has featured a mix of Nobel Prize-Winning economists, magicians, primatologists, evolutionary psychologists, and neuroscientists dedicated to the aim of studying the complex science of thought, decisions and actions.

The event’s live stream will run from 10:30 a.m to 10:30 p.m EAT.