Mountain Top Publishers, a supplier of educational books to Kenyan schools, has announced that it will open a new publishing facility in Tatu Industrial Park. The Tatu Industrial Park is an East African light industrial and logistics zone.

Mountain Top Publishers specializes in educational books in both print and digital formats. The company’s mission is to spread the power of knowledge through high-quality, international standard education materials.

“We are pleased to welcome Mountain Top Publishers to Tatu Industrial Park. Tatu Industrial Park’s world-class roads, water, waste and ICT provide the perfect platform for the company’s continued growth and education innovation,” said David Karimi, Head of Sales for Tatu City, the 5,000-acre Special Economic Zone located on Nairobi’s doorstep.

For nearly 20 years, Mountain Top Publishers has supplied Kenyan education institutions with learning materials. The company’s products are available countrywide in leading bookstores and designed with a variety of learning experiences. The company has created a niche to become household name and reference for parents and schools.

“The spirit of Kenya is rooted in our education, and Mountain Top Publishers is proud of the role it has played in the country’s scholastic excellence. The live-work-play environment of Tatu City is ideal for our new facility, where we will chart the next stage in Mountain Top Publishers’ growth,” said Lawrence Njagi, Managing Director of Mountain Top Publishers and Chairman of the Kenyan Publishers’ Association.

Currently, more than 60 businesses have opened or started development, 5,000 homes are completed or under construction and two schools, Crawford International and Nova Pioneer have begun operations at Tatu City.