The Kupatana Show, an unscripted reality TV show showcasing Kenyans true life experiences of relationships gone wrong, has launched on pay television platform StarTimes Kenya. Broadcasting on the platform’s local content broadcast channel Rembo TV, Kupatana show will focus on establishing the genesis of bitter fall outs while making efforts to mend broken relations between former close associates and relationships.

Speaking on the new investment in the local show, StarTimes Content Director Myke Mugo noted, “We are excited to introduce Kupatana show on Rembo TV which was advised by our continuous monitoring of what Kenyans want to watch. Reality television tops the list and topics touching on relationships are increasingly popular, that’s how we came up with this show which has turned out to be very popular since its recent premiere.”

Kupatana presents two aggrieved parties to a faceoff in seeking to identify if the disagreement was a mere misunderstanding or a clean-cut scheme. The show will detail what went wrong while making efforts to reconcile the involved parties.

Starring, BET Awards host comedian and TV personality Dr. Ofweneke and social media sensation Brenda Jons, the show is so far an absolute rollercoaster of emotions with every episode broadcast.

StarTimes set aside Ksh. 200 million being investment for the company’s self-produced channel, Rembo TV, following a partnership with over 30 content developers in the country. The station primarily features reality television shows targeting the women audience and with a language policy comprising of 60% Kiswahili, 30% English and 10% vernacular.

So far, the company has identified authentic Kenyan stories that continue to be the binding thread key towards making the produced content great for the Kenyan audience while equally competitive across the international market. Fresh episodes of the show continue to air on Rembo TV every Tuesday from 2030h EAT with repeats running at the same time every Wednesday.