Kenya officially migrated from analogue transmissions to digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) on March 30th 2015. This was well before 17th June 2015, which was the global deadline for digital migration.

The controversial digital migration brought forth the need for a set top box to watch free TV channels i.e. free to air channels. It also brought down the cost of setting up a TV station which meant that Kenya saw an influx of new TV channels which was  a boon for the public.

So these free to air channels can be viewed on an analogue TV through a set top box or through a digital TV set. The free to air channels are also available all around the country as long you have a compatible TV set or set top box.

Some of these free to air TV stations are also available for viewing on pay TV platforms such as DStv, Startimes and Zuku. This is convenient for those with pay TV subscriptions because they do not need to get a set top box to be able to access their favourite Kenyan TV stations.

List of free to air TV stations in Kenya


KBC Channel 1 KTN NTV
K24 Citizen TV GBS TV
QTV Edu TV Bunge TV
Heritage TV 3 stones TV Express TV
Kass TV Kiss TV Family TV
Sayare TV LVTV (Lake Victoria TV) Gor TV
Senate TV Aviation TV Hope TV
Revival Television Fountain Television Bazaar TV
Dream Television GE TV Joy Television
Property Television TV10 Youth TV
Millennium/MBN EATV Kingdom
Adventist Deliverance Vision TV
GOD TV Times TV West TV
W-TV Imani TV Daystar TV