Boomplay and Hitlab have partnered  to offer emerging artists in Kenya a chance to work with award-winning singer, rapper, song-writer and producer, Akon as well as a recording contract with an international music label.

The Digital Emerging Artist Showcase (DEAS) is the first international competition for emerging artists with a fully digital application process, where artists can submit their songs for analysis through Hitlab’s artificial intelligence, Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) technology, which ranks submitted songs to showcase the potentiality in an international market. Metrics such as production (beat, mastering), are considered in the fully-digital analysis.

The first-of-its kind competition in Africa, is set to offer the artists an opportunity to be mentored by Akon,a recording contract, partnership with Africa’s largest music streaming and download platform, among other exciting prizes.

Boomplay Managing Director, East Africa, Martha Huro said, “This a great opportunity for us to showcase our artists on the global stage, while also offering them a holistic experience on the industry metrics beyond our borders. I urge emerging artists to take up this once-in-a lifetime opportunity. We look forward to creating more opportunities to propel Kenyan and by extension African artists to the international stage.”

To submit songs, interested artists will have to part with Ksh. 110 ($0.99) for 1 song, Ksh. 450 ($3.99) for 5 songs and Ksh. 1,100 ($ 9.99) for 15 songs which is quite affordable.

The competition is scheduled to run until September 2021, and thereafter winners will be announced.

You can submit your songs here.