East Africa’s online jobs platform, BrighterMonday Kenya, has launched a campaign to help address hiring challenges that Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) are facing.

The campaign, dubbed Hire the BrighterMonday way, seeks to solve the hiring needs of growing enterprises. This will be done by introducing them to the right way of recruitment which is reliable, efficient, affordable and easy to use.

SMEs play a major role in most economies, significantly contributing to job creation but often, they grapple with sourcing the right talent, banking on gut feelings, word of mouth and nepotism to recruit. However, there are inexpensive solutions that can help them advertise jobs, access a quality pool of candidates, as well as rapidly filter and shortlist applicants.

According to BrighterMonday Kenya CEO Emmanuel Mutuma, leaders of growing businesses need to invest in robust hiring processes to attract the right talent by publishing their jobs out and wide. “Currently 85% of Kenyans are accessing the internet on their devices; advertising a role on our platform isn’t only affordable but efficient in getting top talent. As a hiring partner, we will help SMEs access digital tools that use AI to sieve and shortlist the best applicants and in turn, increase profitability.” he said.

Mutuma added that the firm recently signed a deal with the SME Founders Association early April to assist the businesses recruit effectively and benefit from customer support throughout the hiring process..

In the eight-week long campaign, BrighterMonday seeks to partner with over 2,500 SMEs to help them enlist talent and boost productivity, while granting them access to learning and development offerings to train business leaders and HR specialists on efficient recruitment.