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Recruitment services provider, BrighterMonday Kenya, has launched a new Employer Handbook to equip human resources (HR) specialists and business leaders on best practices to adopt during and post crisis working environments.

This comes in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has significantly affected business operations especially at the workplace. Due to the global pandemic, businesses have had to change their internal structures and adapt to new realities of working such as social distancing while striving to keep operations going.

Speaking during the launch event Mr. Emmanuel Mutuma, Chief Executive Officer, BrighterMonday Kenya said, “As the changing nature and typology of work continues to unfold, organisations must reconsider how they design jobs, organise work and plan for the future. BrighterMonday’s Employer Handbook provides guidance to HR practitioners on how to put theory into practice and how to develop customised Human Resources Management (HRM) approaches to navigate workplace challenges during disruption.”

The Employer Handbook is an employer solution in the market, and is expected to serve as a valuable tool for companies looking to foster resilience, enhance competitiveness and prepare for future disruptions.

Some of the issues tackled in the handbook include curated expert advice and research insights into HR best practices during crises such as COVID-19. These include hiring decisions, hiring processes, remote working policies and tools, effective employee communication, employee performance management and well-being and post-crisis HR planning.

The handbook borrows from research and new knowledge corroborated by Gallup, Inc., University of Stellenbosch Business School, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Society of Human Resource Management among others.

The BrighterMonday Employer Handbook 2020 is available for download here