Azuri Technologies, a pay-as-you-go solar home solutions for off-grid Africa, has launched its Brighter Lives Inititiative. The initiative is aimed at providing  more rural women with jobs in the off-grid solar sector.

Currently, women currently make up 35% of Azuri’s rural workforce in Kenya. However, the company is committed to increasing female representation, with the objective that 50% of all new hires in 2020 will be women.

The Azuri’s Brighter Lives initiative includes tailored recruitment specifically targeting rural women who are largely under-represented in the workplace. The company will deliver an enriched training curriculum across its regional training centres, which offer, a flexible working environment with additional guidance given on balancing work with family duties and unlocking financial services previously unavailable to them.

New recruits will be equipped with an Azuri Smartphone to help manage and track tasks and access learning and coaching tools. Female agents will also be invited to join internal Social networks where they can connect with other women to learn, share and grow in their roles and responsibilities.

The Brighter Lives Initiative also boasts a Mentorship Programme that supports women in developing their leadership potential.

Azuri has also partnered with Unilever’s Sunlight brand to bring solar to the the millions of off-grid homes across the country.

Azuri CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth, had this to say, “At Azuri, we are committed to equality, fairness and respect and we recognise the solar energy sector offers women a source of well-paid employment with strong opportunities for career advancement. We also understand that empowering women brings huge benefits to our business and on the social front is critical to eradicating poverty and accelerating economic development.”