TRANSFORM, an impact accelerator, has announced its intention to support businesses in Kenya to scale new solutions.

The new initiative is led by Unilever, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), and EY, TRANSFORM advances the development of innovative business models through a combination of grant funding, business insight, and research to help solve global challenges.

One of the new enterprises in East Africa will test the use of refill technology with Unilever products in low-income communities in Kenya. TRANSFORM also supports researchers and is working with Brink to explore the future of work for the informal economy in Kenya.

Since its launch in Kenya in 2015, TRANSFORM is working with revolutionary businesses including supporting:

– Taka Taka Ni Mali to create over 3,800 jobs and recycle over 1,500 tonnes of wealth by scaling capacity and building a digital platform to link waste collectors, aggregators, and recyclers in Kenya.

– Kasha to expand its confidential health services from Rwanda into Kenya, so more women can access the products they need.

– Africa’s first recycling B Corp business, Mr Green Africa, to develop a new model of work for waste pickers, directly improving safety, benefits, and career growth opportunities for more than 1000 people in Kenya.

TRANSFORM is an impact accelerator that unites corporates, donors, investors, and academics to support enterprises. It combines grant funding, business insight, practical experience, resources, and networks.