Three Kenyan inventors, namely, Tracy Kimathi, Elijah Kiprotich Chirchir and Philemon Kipchirchir Masas have gotten the chance to showcase their innovations at the Global Grad show in Dubai courtesy of the Sochin Research Institute. It is the world’s largest gathering of top graduate talent and will showcase 150 design and technology projects from 45 countries.

Tracy Kimathi is the founder of an eco-based organization called Tree_Sea.mals that uses renewable resources to generate social impact. Through the use of mini-grids, her company generates power using solar energy that is then distributed to the local community. A 1kWp mini-grid prototype is already running in Meru County and Tree_Sea.mals is now looking for funding to operate a pilot in Dadachabasa Village, Isiolo County. The company plans to target pastoralists living in semi-arid regions across East Africa and women are the typical customers.

Elijah Kiprotich Chirchir and Philemon Kipchirchir Masas are the inventors of a phone-call controlled irrigation system with automatic feedback. The device measures the moisture content of soil and alerts farmers through a simple SMS that their fields need water. Farmers can then make a phone call to activate an irrigation system. Both inventors are driven by a passion to understand how things work and they have always enjoyed electronic devices. Coming from Kericho County, they saw a need for small-scale farmers to irrigate their land more efficiently, cost effectively, and location independent.

Only one per cent of global applications were selected this year, this goes to show how good the three were so as to be selected. The show takes place from November 12-16 and is held in partnership with the Investment Corporation of Dubai.