HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has announced that it is rolling out Nokia 3.1 to its users to start receiving the Android 9 Pie upgrade. It is a second letter OS update for the Nokia 3.1 that was upgraded from Android Oreo six months ago, September 2018

The Nokia 3.1 is now part of the Nokia smartphones on Android 9 Pie. It is a developed technology that incorporates AI driven innovations to your daily routines, to save you time, improve the battery life and even anticipate what you’re likely to want to do next.

With Android 9 Pie, Nokia 3.1 users will get features such as app actions, adaptive battery that adjusts and anticipates the personal needs of each user for battery optimization. Plus Digital Wellbeing which measures your Nokia 3.1 usage and gives you insight into your smartphone habits. The Android 9 Pie update has the new include Slices function, which identifies relevant information of favorite apps to make them easier to access. Additionally, Adaptive Brightness automatically alters your phone light settings by learning from user interactions.

HMD Global a Finland based company, is the home of Nokia phones. It designs and markets a range of smartphones and feature phones targeted at a range of consumers and price points.

Main Android 9 Pie features

  • App Actions – Helps get things done faster by predicting the user’s next move and displaying the right action
  • Slices – Identifies relevant information of favorite apps to make them more easily accessible when required
  • Adaptive Battery – Uses deep learning to understand usage patterns and prioritize battery power on important apps
  • Adaptive Brightness – Automatically adapts phone brightness by learning from user interactions with different settings
  • New system navigation – Features a single home button that provides intelligent predictions and suggestions (user enabled)
  • Digital Wellbeing – Gives you a complete picture of your digital habits and disconnect when you want to