3 ways in which you can make your office more energy efficient


Using less energy is not only beneficial to the environment, it can also massively reduce companies running costs. With the average cost of energy for businesses £3,061 per year, it’s no wonder they are trying different techniques to become more energy efficient. Here, we explore some of the cheapest and easiest ways that you can make your office eco-friendlier.

Monitor your Meter

One of the best ways to manage your energy consumption is to get a grasp of how much you are using. You can do this by installing intelligent energy consumption monitoring systems from companies such as Schneider Electric. By gaining a full understanding of the amount of energy your office is using daily, weekly, monthly and annually, you can put realistic actions in place that will allow you to become more efficient. For example, your monitoring may flag up that you are using a huge amount of gas each week. Once you know this, you can dig into why. Does your office use gas central heating? If so, you may want to change your current heating habits. Simple actions such as reducing heat loss by closing doors and windows will reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your space.

Reduce Unnecessary Energy Usage

It’s surprising how much energy is used unnecessarily across office spaces. For instance, many offices have lights on all day every day, only switching them off at night. But do all office areas including toilets, meeting rooms, kitchens and open plan areas really need lights on constantly? If the answer is no, then consider installing motion sensor lighting systems. This will mean that lights will turn on when a staff member enters that area and turns off when they leave. Similarly, ensuring sleep modes are activated across electronic devices can save a huge amount of energy. Make sure that when printers, screens or laptops are not in use they power down after several minutes of inactivity.

Pick Energy Efficient Electronics

If you want to make your office more energy efficient, ensure you choose your electronics wisely. Using laptops instead of desktops is a wise choice, as on average they use up to 80% less electricity, peaking ‘at a maximum draw of only 60 watts, whereas common desktops may peak around 175 watts’. This simple switch could save your business a huge amount in energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. It is also worth investing in products with the Energy Star symbol. This has been designed to show which items support energy efficiency, most offering power management systems which support sleep mode.

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