Using free cell phone locator on a child’s phone


With the improved technology in the modern world, most of the children can own a smartphone. In most cases, the child is away from the parent and if left with all the freedom they may go astray. The kids are cunning as they delete all the conversations they had before meeting the parent just in case the phone is taken and the parent goes through it. It is important for a parent to monitor the children’s phone to be sure that they are up to discipline. Free cell phone locator that helps the parent track the child’s phone whatsapp chats, Facebook, Instagram, telegram, and Skype.

How to install free cell phone locator

Installing the app takes just a simple procedure as follows:

-Open the target phone, go to settings, then security and enable the unknown sources option

The phone may ask questions about the activity done on the phone and this can be stopped by going to the play store app, selecting the play to protect option and enable scan for security threat option.

-The next step is downloading snoopza.

Go to the internet browser and search for, create an account by entering your email then download

-When the download is complete, launch it from the file manager on downloads and install the app. Agree to the terms and conditions and the app now opens.

-Under log in, enter the snoopza email and the password. Remember the new pin given in order to open the application

With these steps, you will have created a snoopza account. But in order to ensure efficient performance of the app, activate usage tracking, find sync then enable user access. Disable battery optimization, back to the snoopza account, give permission for the app to take screenshots and then tap don’t show again and tap start now.

How to use the application after installation

The question every parent with the idea of spying a child’s phone is how to do it. The first thing is to download the app following the above steps and sign up. To find the activities going on with the phone, you only need to access the account from a different phone or personal computer and track the calls, texts, and web history from the target phone.

What happens in the case of a handy situation

The aim of installing the app on the child’s phone is definitely to capture their bad deeds. At times we get what we wish for. After finding an indiscipline case in the child’s phone, the parent gets upset but then needs to handle the situation. At times the problem is too big that you may need to input an external disciplinary on your child. It is hard but has to be done anyway. The relationship between the parent and the child is at stake at this stage. Trust is shaken completely. The best thing about all this is that the discipline of the child is made upright.

Can the app be noticed by the target phone user

Fights and insecurities may arise if the child realizes that the parent is tracking them. It signifies that there exists a mistrust. The app cannot be noticed by the phone user because during the installation, there is that option to make it invisible. Since its hard for the child to suspect, it remains safe for the parent to do all the tracking.

Importance of installing free cell phone locator

Many are the times when the parents send the children to stay in different places due to factors such as education. Since they have not yet reached the age of being independent or to make concrete decisions, it is important to monitor them. Otherwise, the product of their being away will bring sorrows and tears to the parent eventually. It is the duty of every parent to make sure that their children grow up with the best discipline and be a better person in the future. That is why tracking their phone operations is necessary.

In conclusion, parents want to make their children happy and they do so by even buying the phones. In order to make them fit in the current kid’s society and not feel left out its the only option. The parent should, therefore, install a free cell phone locator in the phones to be safe.


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