In this digital age, consumers value convenience. This has seen many Kenyans adopt mobile money as the easier mode of payment rather than walking around with cash. However, just like any other mode of payment, it has its fair share of challenges key among them the privacy of customer data. Supermarkets are the biggest culprits in this case since after you make a payment, the cashier either demands to see the payment text or give out your mobile number loudly. I feel that in both cases, it is an invasion of privacy as you are forced to reveal personal details which can have consequences.

During a supermarket run, a tweep Al Kags managed to get the phone number of a shopper and from it was able to get personal details about her life. Here is his story;

From this case it is clear that we should endeavor to limit the kind of information that we share on the various online platforms. Also supermarkets should come up with a less intrusive way of confirming payments. This is because should such kind of information fall into the wrong hands you are bound to be in trouble.