In the past year, millions of people around the world have been planning on an ultimate leap to Russia to watch the FIFA World Cup. You may be thinking it must have cost them a fortune putting together an elaborate travel budget and fearing that it would probably leave them reeling in debts after a month when curtains will finally come down on the tournament, but that may not be the case after all.
While budget trips can be very limiting, you do not have to break the bank before embarking on a holiday getaway to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain or even South America. In fact, with everyone having their eyes on Moscow, Kremlin and other stadiums across Russia for the next one month, a destination elsewhere could save you lots of money.
In this post, I share six hacks that will make it possible for you to travel to any part of the world, albeit, with a heavily dented pocket, yet still have fun and great memories to take home. Take a look:

Think cheap destinations

The Earth is a home to over two hundred countries and seven high seas. It means no one should have an excuse when it comes to choosing a travel destination at a relaxed budget. From Africa’s many jungles ideal for those who want to get up and close with the wild, Spanish beautiful beaches, Samba experience in Brazil to the Caribbean, finding a cheap getaway is easy, and it is not with a map. Consider someone who can write essays for money to do a review on affordable places.

Mind the size of your luggage

People lose a lot of money transiting across checkpoints in luggage fees and they never even realize it. Heavy belongings are unnecessarily inconveniencing, and they could also be a cause for stress when moving around. If you are out and about for fun, only must-have travel essentials can do.

Be like the locals

Tourism is the main income generator for many countries and the fact that those who visit animal sanctuaries, game reserves and camp in the wild pay more than the locals could sound a bit harsh. However, acting like locals means you can forgo expensive cuisines at the five-star hotels for a taste of indigenous dish in a local village in South Africa or India. Befriend the locals, including bartenders to make huge savings.
You will also cut costs on movement because instead of having to pay someone for a drive to attraction expensively, your newfound friends will come in handy with the best recommendations.

Go for travel packages

Trip packages are many and most of the times; agencies in your country make it possible to find the cheapest offers. From group tickets, discounts on accommodations, cheap taxi services at your destination to an affordable hotel or hostel bookings, there would never be a better way of saving money than scouting for these offers.
Turn out ticket offer alerts on your travel App. You can also ask for a review from Paperwritten before you can go rock and roll in a nightclub without stopping to worry about expenses.

Be on the lookout for Credit/Debit card fees

Even if you will be paying for your travel insurance and travel bookings using a credit or debit card, you should be conscious of the fees that banks charge. What if in the end, you find out that the total charges could have been enough for a decent accommodation in a five-star hotel?
That’s not all. Be on the lookout for exchange rates. You could spend less on more fun by simply knowing when to get more with every dollar at the Forex bureau.
Phew…! Finally, working on transit is another way of generating extra income. There are many websites that offer jobs to travelers, not to mention that adding hotel reviews on your blog, working as an English tutor or fitness trainer in your stay-in gym could bring in a few bucks.