An amazing fitness transformation comes at a cost. Constant tracking is the only way you can know whether there is progress or not. Serious fitness enthusiasts use all available
means to track their progress in weight loss or muscle gain.

Additionally, athletes who use
legit steroids like proviron are not left behind since they use a similar approach to know where they are. That said, it is crucial to know the best way to track fitness progress. Read
on to know more.

Keep a Journal

Writing down everything about your fitness is one of the best habits to emulate. It is a great point of reference if you have to sit down and do the calculations. If you visit a fitness store, you are likely to find a great fitness journal to record your activities. So, let us see some of the things to record.

● Measurements – the tummy area is usually used to determine whether you are losing weight or not. Use a tape measure and do not get tired of recording measurements of various body parts once every two weeks. Take the circumference of the
stomach, hands, hips and thighs and record clearly.
● Weight – continue stepping on the scale and recording your weight. This
practice is common for weight-loss enthusiasts and can really help you to work even harder.

Those who set a target know how this works. You can have a weighing scale in your bathroom for convenience.

Use a Fitness Tracking App

Technology has made things easy. Developers have come up with apps that not only help you to record fitness progress but also recommend what to do after keying in your
goals. They mostly dwell on workouts and diet that you need if you want to achieve your desired goals.

Most people have praised the use of apps as a great way to track progress especially if you are disciplined and determined. The good thing is that you can find an appropriate app
that can be customized to suit your goals.

Keep a Photo Album

Keeping a photo album is now easy with current technology. A picture as you start the fitness journey will provide a great comparison point. Keep taking more photos using
your smartphone or digital camera and compare them to see the progress. We have all seen
photos of great transformation on the internet and appreciated the efforts such people made.

Tracking Your Diet

What people eat has direct repercussions on health and fitness. We have numerous publications that guide people on what and how to eat if they want to keep fit. Importantly,
there is a diet for muscle gain and one for weight loss.

The good thing about keeping track of everything that you eat or drink is that you can do an analysis to learn what can be done better. You can easily adjust the portion size, the
number of meals or the type of foods and drinks accordingly. It is also easy to get advice from an expert on how best to adjust