This song was a total eargasm.

It starts with the a guitar solo, reminiscent of Narcos, too me right back to my binge watching days. A lady walks in and hands Khali the phone, who appears to be head huncho of the crew. What follows is a brief monologue by Khali telling his crew to prepare to make history. And they did.

Khali Cartel is a 4 minute 51 second conversation between Span Kob, Don Jowlz, Petra and Sagini. None of them spare any bars and go hard on that beat. First on the line up is Span Kob and Khaligraph; their conversation being about the former’s musical hiatus and the rumors in the grapevine regarding his whereabouts. Further probing by Khali reveals that he never really left and has been making money moves on the down low. My favorite part of this verse is Span Kob’s line walidhani nime-left lakini kumbe mi admin before the bass drops to an uninterrupted flow of some of the best lines I’ve heard in a while.

As we settle into the song, Khaligraph turns to Don Jowlz. He throws jabs at rappers in the scene who claim to be legends but fail to deliver. He is braggadocios and not afraid afraid to flex his lyrical muscle. Again this verse is straight fire and he passes the baton back to Khali with the punchline, I beat it up na Khali azika.

The the queen Petra comes on and carries on with the alpha female persona we saw in Rider. Here, she is ascertains her position at the top of the rap food chain. I like how effortlessly she switches from Kiswahili to English and for this verse in particular, the switch to Jamaican patois.

Sagini is very underrated. I really enjoyed his section and I wished it was a little longer. I hope he releases a single soon.

The video is directed by Enos Olik and the audio done by Motif of Blu Ink studios