In the first episode of the music drama series Famous, now streaming on Showmax, Nikita struggles to remain relevant in an industry that is too eager to move on to the next best thing. Nikita is also constantly reminded that she would not be as successful without Magic (Khula Budi), her famous rapper-producer boyfriend.

After being embarrassed on an interview on national TV, Nikita starts to question what she really wants from music and from Magic. She is then receives a revelation that sets her on a path to self-discovery and a new musical experience.

Michelle Tiren, the young actress who plays Nikita, struggled to find her character at first.

“I just thought she was doing the most. But then I realized that I was judging her as someone else instead of just being her. Once I understood this, I started to get her, and this made it a lot easier for me to play her. Still, so many things she does make me roll my eyes but I’m really enjoying getting to know her and exploring all sides of her,” Tiren admits.

For Tiren, who, until Famous, had only appeared in a few short films like the MultiChoice Talent Factory production Ensulo, Nikita allows her to explore the emotional range she has never experienced before. She however admits that preparing for such emotional scenes, especially those with Magic, are always tricky.

“I find that planning for such emotional scenes removes its authenticity. I’m not saying not to prepare but just don’t plan to react. I had to be in the moment, be fully there and to react in that moment,” she explains.

Unlike Nikita, who kicks off with a dwindling music career and an uncertain love life, Nyota’s star is just beginning to shine as she gets a chance to audition for Magic and his team.

Bryanna Wanjiku, the young actress who plays Nyota, is a newcomer in the TV industry in Kenya. Nyota is her first major acting role after featuring in numerous smaller projects, including popular Instagram videos with Kamau Mbaya (Machachari).

“The pressure was to do justice to this long overdue story and to live up to the expectations of my big debut,” she says.

Like Nyota, Bryanna is also an upcoming singer who is trying to dip her toes in the music industry. So she mostly drew from her personal journey and lessons to portray this role. “Stepping into Nyota’s shoes was a real test, delving into some of my personal life choices. All I had to do was breathe life into her,” said the 23-year old.

Famous is created and directed by award-winning music video director Enos Olik and written by Natasha Likimani, known for Disconnect, Sincerely Daisy and You Again. New episodes of Famous are releasing every Monday.

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