The Flavour by Fire show powered by Guinness Hop House 13 is a new cooking show that will bring 3 contestants together to battle it out for the Flavour by Fire winner title.

The three contestants, Anita Nderu, Elias Gatungu and Alice Watare will compete in the show. Judges include world renown Chef Leisamon, content creator Cris Njoki, model Khula Budi and content creator Muriuki Kagiri, and content creator and photographer Victor Maina.

The contest will involve cooking grilled dishes, from lamb chops to chicken wings, as well as burgers, all infused with Guinness HH13 as an ingredient and as a pairing.

The show will air on the Guinness Kenya YouTube channel, where viewers can watch and guess who will emerge the winner of the show.

Hapakenya spoke to Chris Njoki a content creator, Memo who is a Brand Manager at Guinness and Alice Watare to get their insights on  the contents of the show and what viewers can look forward to.

Cris Njoki – Judge, Flavour by Fire show

Tell us about yourself

My name is Cris Njoki, I am an entrepreneur ( and content creator. I am also a  judge on the Flavor by Fire cooking show.

As a judge, what are the key things you are looking for?

I am looking for unique cooking techniques, taste of the food and confidence of the chef as they prepare their meals.

I am also looking for creativity in preparation and presentation of the meals.

What is your favorite food?

I love food that is quick to prepare, like fish and chicken. In terms of taste, I love pork and seafood.

What can viewers expect to see in the show?

Viewers should expect a lot of creativity, realness, and fun. The judges are very honest with their reviews and the contestants are very competitive as well.

Chepkemoi Kilel aka Memo – Senior Brand Manager, Guinness

Tell us about yourself

My name is Memo, I am a Senior Brand Manager at Guinness. We have 3 variants of Guinness, that is the original dark stout, and our new variants; hop house lager and the Guinness Smooth which is a lighter version of the dark stout.

What inspired the creation of the new variants?

At Guinness, we pride ourselves in being an inclusive brand. In the spirit of inclusivity, we innovated and developed other variants to cater for the needs of the market, as not everyone could consume the original Guinness dark stout. We therefore came up with the Hop House Lager, and the Guinness smooth that have been received well in the market.

What inspired the creation of the Flavour by Fire show?

We created the show to raise awareness of the Hop House brand and show people how it pairs well with food, especially meats. The lager can also be used as a tenderizer, which viewers will see when the show goes online.

What culture do you want to push by cooking with Hop House?

We want Hop House Lager to be top in the mind of consumers when they think of drinks to go with barbeques and marinades. We want to be part of every celebration and gatherings and create a culture of including Hop House in culinary activities.

How did you choose contestants for the show?

We scouted for contestants that are passionate about food. We specifically selected amateur cooks that are passionate about meats and cooking to make the show raw and original.

What can we look forward to in the show?

Viewers can look forward to versatility in the preparation and cooking of food in the show. We will get to show people how Hop House goes into cooking, as well as get professional tips and tricks from Chef Leisamon.

What is your favorite part of the show?

I like the banter between judges and contestants, competitiveness and witnessing the growth of contestants in their culinary skills.

Alice Watare – Contestant

Tell us about yourself

My name is Alice Watare, I am a lover of food and a high school teacher by profession. I am also behind the ‘Where’s the Food’ page on Instagram.

I love good food and I thrive in restaurant reviews. I like cooking for people and seeing their reaction to the taste of my food. My family is my motivation for cooking, as the support me and encourage me in my culinary journey.

Elias and I have been running the ‘Where’s the Food’ account on Instagram for close to three years now. We have gradually grown the page to become a hub for all things food.

What is the highlight of your content creation journey?

The highlight of my journey is the attention we get from our followers. I love doing reviews, posting food and influencing people to visit certain restaurants and food joints.

How did you get into the competition?

Hop House got in touch with us with the idea of participating in a cooking show, and the rest is history.

How has your experience been in the show?

I have learnt so much and have interacted with many people in the show. It has also been a fun learning experience as food doesn’t always come out as expected. Generally, I am excited that I am part of this and having fun as I do what I love, which is cooking.

What can people look forward to in the show?

People should look forward to seeing the making of good food, the banter and how to use Guinness Hop House Lager in their food.