Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) through its Guinness variant Hop House 13, recently launched a new a barbecue experience titled Flavor by Fire. The Flavor by Fire concept is ushering in a new culture of Hop House 13 paired with food, casual dining with friends and celebrating local chefs.

The Flavor by Fire show will feature 3 contestants who will battle it out to see who will emerge the winner. As part of the show, contestants will get to make grilled dishes, in a menu ranging from lamb chops to chicken wings and burgers, all infused with Guinness HH13 within the ingredients, or as a pairing option for the meal.

Three foodies in the local Kenyan food scene, Anita Nderu, Elias Gatungu and Alice Watare will get to compete and learn on innovative ways of infusing the HH13 recipes. The judges are world renowned Chef Leisamon Ole Sempele, content creators Cris Njoki and Muriuki Kagiri aka the Dapper Brother, Model Khula Budi and Photographer Victor Maina.

The show will debut in December 2021, and will be streamed on the Guinness YouTube channel. Consumers will get to watch the 6 episodes as the final episodes unveil the winner of the show.

Since the launch of the show, Hop House 13 has worked with barbecue enthusiasts George Grill King, world- renowned Chef Leisamon and up and coming, Chef Stephanie. As part of Flavor by Fire, the Chefs have been creating unique experiences through Hop House 13 inspired recipes, demonstrating to consumers how to prepare the food and pair it with your favourite drink.

Hop House 13 is a preferred choice when pairing with foods that are rich in flavour, aroma, appearance, and mouthfeel.