Veteran Kenyan music producer Eric Musyoka has signed a deal to oversee music production for Famous, Showmax’s upcoming drama.

Created and directed by Enos Olik, Famous stars Khula Budi, Brianna Wanjiku and Michelle Tiren as three young artists trying to navigate the intricate music world in Nairobi’s music scene.

Speaking on his new Famous project, Musyoka said, “I saw the scale and potential of what we could achieve. I have also been involved in musicals and it’s been a while since I did an interesting project musically that wasn’t a label project or that involved an active artist in the industry, so for me it was both interesting and challenging.”

As a pioneer in the Kenyan music industry, Musyoka, through his record label Decimal Records, has churned timeless hits for artists like Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, P-Unit, Kleptomaniax, Bamzigi, Wyre, Sauti Sol, Just A Band and more.

As a sound engineer, he has also worked on critically-acclaimed films like Wanuri Kahiu’s Rafiki, Nairobi Half Life, Veve, The First Grader and Disconnect.

He reveals that working with Famous’ actors to perfect the show’s music has been “blood, sweat and tears but an amazing experience.”

“Having to do so much in such a short time can be nerve-wracking, especially with looming shoot deadlines but all the actors came through magically, and I was really impressed by the speed at which they worked,” he added.

While Musyoka has put his magic touch in overseeing the whole music process on the show, some of the key plot songs have been written by his protégé Khuhani, who has worked extensively with Musyoka in her music career.

Famous is a 10-part musical drama that tells the story of the music industry in Kenya where fame equals success and for which some will do whatever it takes to make it to the top.

Famous stars actor and former Mr. World Kenya Khula Budi as the troubled rapper and producer Magic, with newcomers Brianna Wanjiku as Nyota and Michelle Tiren as Nikita.

Keith Chuaga (Disconnect), Manasseh Nyagah (Uradi), Ciku Shire (The Wives), Morris Mwangi (You Again), Sarah Hassan (Crime and Justice), Brahim Ouma, and Sandra Wambui also feature in supporting roles.

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