In Kenya, we are so used to having the traffic lights not working that some of us get confused when they are actually working. Others just choose not to obey the lights with resultant consequences like the bus that overturned in the CBD. These lights are not meant to annoy you but to help you arrive at your destination safe and sound, so it is wise to follow them. Also, since our roads are basically controlled by traffic police, it is wise to read up on what their various signals mean so as to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. This month, as part of their Road Safety campaign Vivo Energy Kenya, was focusing on the two that is, traffic lights and police signals.

Here are some of the police signals and their meaning;

  1. This signal means STOP for a vehicle approaching from the front.


2. This signal means STOP for a vehicle approaching from behind.

3. The signal means STOP for  vehicles approaching from both front & behind

4. This means COME ON, whereby the traffic policeman is beckoning on a vehicle from behind

5. This signal means COME ON, whereby the policeman is beckoning on vehicles from the front

6. This means COME ON, beckoning on vehicles from the side

Here are the traffic lights and their meaning;

  1. RED obviously means STOP and wait behind the STOP line on the carriage way.

2. RED & AMBER also means STOP. DO not pass through or start until green shows and it is safe to proceed.

3. AMBER means STOP at the line. You may only proceed if the AMBER appears after you have crossed the STOP line and stopping might lead to an accident.

4. GREEN means that you can proceed. A GREEN arrow means that you may GO in the direction shown by the arrow and not in any other direction.