Vivo Energy celebrates 5 years in Kenya by visiting children’s homes countrywide

A Vivo Energy staff member helping the children with colouring

Vivo Energy dedicated its 5th anniversary to the community and celebrated with various, communities across the country through-out the month of November. Members of staff, from all the company’s offices visited children’s homes and shared the anniversary cheer with them.

Each home that was visited received food supplies to last them for a period of two weeks. Depending on each home’s pressing needs they also got water tanks installed, renovations done to some of their buildings, painting done, provision of beddings and learning desks in addition to food.

The homes that have been visited so far are:

1. AIC Kajiado Child Care center
2. Christ Chapel Children’s Home in Huruma
3. Brook Center for the Deaf and Autistic Children in Zimmerman
4. Mighty Redeemer home- Utange Mombasa

On Saturday 11th November 2017, some of the members of staff visited Brook Center for the Deaf and Autistic Children in Zimmerman, a non-profit organization. The home has been in existence since 2011 and takes in children with oral communication difficulty from from children homes,informal settlements/poor backgrounds and those who’ve been abandoned at hospitals. Prior to the visit, Vivo Energy Kenya did a need assessment and saw the need to renovate, the center’s roof which was leaking. In addition to the renovation, they gave the center a fresh coat of paint.

During the visit, staff also engaged in the following activities,

1. Completion of paint work for the center’s play room
2. Donated beddings and food stuff to the home
3. Made the beds for all the children
4. Arranged the reading area and the center’ s director’s office
5. Helped the children do colouring
6. Learned to recite the alphabet and numbers in sign language.

After the activities, the team shared a meal with the children and cut a cake to crown the day’s celebrations.


Vivo Energy staff learning sign language
A staff member helping a child with colouring
The new roof at Brooks School
One of the coloured drawings done by the children at Brooks School


A Vivo Energy staff member helping the children with colouring
The center’s director teaching Vivo energy staff how to recite the alphabet in sign language
Painting the children’s play room
The painted playroom
The director and the children cutting the cake
Making the beds in the children’s rooms


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