How Equity’s EazzyBanking App is making banking that much easier


When Equity Bank launched the EazzyBanking platform last year, many people didn’t pay much attention. This is because we are mostly creatures of habit and prefer to use the tried and tested methods rather than venturing out. However, as the saying goes “Chema Chajiuza, Kibaya Chajitembeza” the platform has quietly grown in popularity with transaction values hitting Kshs. 6.5 Billion as of June 2017.

The EazzyBanking app has also been downloaded over 266,000 times making it the most downloaded banking app in Kenya. About 9 months after the launch, the platform pushed over Ksh. 2 Billion and now conducts transactions worth Ksh. 320 Million monthly. As of March 2017, the EazzyPay platform accounted for 30% of all the mobile commerce market share. This was as per the Communications Authority report which clearly indicates an increased preference by consumers to adopt e-commerce in the payment of bills, goods and services. For a platform which is barely a year old I would say that is a big deal.

Here is how the EazzyBanking App has made life easier;

Using the EazzyBanking app one can transact upto Ksh. 1 Million per day. There are times when you get caught up by work or other commitments and can’t make it to bank but bills still have to be sorted. The app lets you make all these payments for bills, supplies, school fees you name it, all at the touch of a button. How convenient is that? Most mobile payment platforms have a low cap on the amount that you can transact in a day but with EazzyPay you can even pay a piece of land in Kitengela at the comfort of your bed.

Our mobile payment platforms are currently not interlinked, this makes it hard for an individual who has Mpesa to send money to someone who uses Airtel money. This can be an inconvenience if the individual to whom you are sending the money to does not have another SIM card that can receive the money. In such an instance if you were sending money upcountry to your parents, you would need to send the money to a relative or a neighbor. However, with EazzyBanking App one can be able to send money to any mobile wallet like Orange Money, Airtel Money and Mpesa.

Picture this, there is a kaprime plot that you have being eyeing. This is with the hopes of buying it and either building a house for yourself or with funds allowing some rental units. You have been haggling with the owner about the price for some time now but amekaa ngumu. All of a sudden, he gives you a call and states that he will sell the plot to you on condition that you send a down payment immediately as he has something urgent which needs sorting. This happens to be the day your boss sent you to the field and you are miles away from your bank. Ordinarily, this would be enough to make you bemoan your bad luck but with EazzyBanking App you are covered. The EazzyBanking App allows you to send upto Ksh. 500,000 to any account in another bank. With the touch of a button you can send the deposit to secure your investment.

We all need a helping hand at one point or another, this is more so for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, sometimes one has to supply goods on credit which normally takes about 30 days or more to be paid. During this time, bills have to be paid and you need to restock. Loans are the easiest bet because family and friend may not always be liquid or willing to assist. The EazzyBanking App allows you to apply for a loan from as low as Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 3 Million from the comfort of your home or office. As such you don’t need to go to the bank to do the same saving you time and money.

If you don’t already have the EazzyBanking App, head over to Playstore and download it. Ensure to also visit an Equity Bank near you to get the Equitel SIM card so as to enjoy all the services. If you don’t have a smart phone, don’t fret the SIM card still works perfectly with feature phones.

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