The chief executive of Kenya’s Institute of Economic Affairs, Kwame Owino, stated that Kenyans were already tired of violence. People want a fair election and legitimate president. He added that Kenyans would never accept violence again.

During the 2007 election, over 1,300 citizens were murdered, and almost 600,000 Kenyans had to leave their homes.

“I am sick and tired of questions about violence during our elections. We must be more determined and be sure that we will have a peaceful election in 2017. Our country has a legitimate presidency that allows Kenya having a winning transition because the parliamentary elections will also take place”, added Kwame Owino.

On August 9, 2017, people of Kenya are going to elect a new president, local politicians, county governors, and a parliament. The primary opponents for the presidential office are the leader of the opposition Raila Odinga and the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta. The former candidate already participated in 2007 and 2013 elections. However, he states that both election results were severely rigged.

It should be noted that 2013 presidential election received international approval for its peaceful nature.

In the run-up to the elections, Kenyans are mostly concerned about the trustworthiness of the electoral commission, possible fight in some districts, and massive corruption in the country.

Kwame Owino is sure that Kenya has already done much work since 2007 to develop the trustworthiness of public institutions. “August elections will become the culmination of 10-years work in one day,” the economist resumed.