Vivo Energy & Multiple Hauliers are on a mission to educate school kids on road safety


Vivo Energy Kenya and Multiple Hauliers yesterday conducted a School Road Safety campaign at a school in Western Kenya. The aim of this campaign is to teach children in public primary schools proper road behaviour such as interpreting road signs and safely crossing the road. The kids were also taught how to find the blind spots on a truck. Blind spots are areas on a vehicle where one is not visible to the driver and the children were warned to be mindful and only use the road if they’re fully visible to the driver of the vehicle. The blind spots on a truck are the front, sides and back.

The three-hour educative program is designed to be lively and interactive. A mix of question and answer segments and live demonstrations keeps the children attentive throughout the session.

Schools targeted are those located along the northern corridor which is Kenya’s busiest and most important transport route. It connects the port of Mombasa to landlocked countries such as Uganda. The roads and highways on this route are mostly plied by large trailers transporting cargo such as petroleum.

The partnership between Vivo Energy and Multiple Hauliers has-been around since 2015 and they have so far carried out the road safety education sessions in four primary schools and taught over 2,600 children proper road use. The schools visited include, Ngeiya Primary School in Mai Mahiu which had an audience of about 800 pupils. The school had just lost one of its pupils who had been ran over while crossing the busy Naivasha-Mai Mahiu highway. The second school where the Program was carried out was Nguumo Primary School in Makindu with a population of 900 pupils followed by Kibwayi Primary School which is located at Kasian Junction in Kisumu. The most recent campaign which was carried out was at Esibila Primary School in Luanda where 900 pupils benefited from the knowledge on proper and safe road usage on May 15th, 2017.

The Schools Road Safety Campaign is the brainchild of Multiple Hauliers (EA). The company is one of the largest privately owned transport and logistics company in East Africa and covers over 50 million kilometres annually transporting cargo in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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