Opera Software, makers of browsers for PCs and mobile have released their latest report, the State of the Mobile Web: Africa 2016. The report covers usage of their Opera mobile browsers, Opera Mini and Max, on the continent.

Some key findings of the report covering Kenya are below:

1. Data use

Kenyans who use Opera on average use 160MB of data every month. This makes them some of the highest data users in Africa along with Ghanaians, Seychellois and Mauritians.

2. Data savings

Opera uses data compression technology to help users access their favourite websites while using as little data as possible. Sometimes this feature distorts some websites but it largely works. Its use led to data savings for Kenyans that were valued at US$116m (Ksh. 1.16 Billion). Nigerians and South Africans saved US$280m (Ksh. 2.8B) and $111m (Ksh. 1.11B) respectively.

This is important because a study by Opera that was released in February showed that on average over 30% of all data is used by apps running in the background. This is because most apps are made to give a great user experience and not to save data.

3. Opera users in Kenya

Opera has an 86.41% mobile browser market share in Kenya. Android users make up 50% of overall Opera users in Kenya. Opera users in Kenya account for 8% of Opera users in Africa on mobile.

4. YouTube

18% of Opera users in Kenya access YouTube at least once a month. This is lower than Tanzania (22%), South Africa (20%) and Ghana (19%).

5. Mobile apps usage

Mobile apps usage in Kenya stands at 19%.

Read the full report here.