Studying abroad is a blue dream for many students. The student life itself is a big step towards maturity and adulthood. But if you enter whether the university from the neighbour country  (like Ireland for the British) or, even a continent (e.g. Australia for students from London) you are about to face with more troubles on your way. However, you will get more unforgettable impressions! Look at the tips for studying abroad and avoid possible mistakes.

  1. Pack for solemn occasions

The fact is that every day at new surrounding you can be engaged in some solemn events and celebrations. Your new group mate can have a birthday on the weekend. College can suddenly throw a party for the freshmen. Roommate may invite you the nightclub. For each of these occasions, you must have a corresponding clothing to wear. Many newcomers avoid such events because they were so busy with packing climate friendly dresses that they forgot to grab something go-to-meeting.

  1. Ask questions

It does not matter whether you travel to the country the language of which is new to you or it is a college where everybody understands English – you can happen to be too shy to talk! Nobody is ensured from this barrier. But you must overcome it to make contacts with new people and socialize. You must elaborately study the lifestyle of people around you to adapt quickly. That is why do not be shy and ask many questions. In such a way you will show enthusiasm that people appreciate.

  1. Accept travel opportunities

Witty students find time both for exam preparation and from a sudden trip. It refers especially to the students who are going to study in Europe. For example, to enter the France or Spain you need to open a Schengen visa. The good thing is that it will allow you to travel not only to France but also to the most European countries. So it is better for you to save money on Friday beer and spend it Germany at the Okterberfest in the fall. Do not refuse the idea to check out hiking the Alps in October as well. Heaps of academic assignments are now more an excuse because students with active lifestyle can use online paper writing service. So, travel while you are young and not tied with adult responsibilities.

4.Take advantage of student discounts

The thing that the most people truly miss after they graduate is student discounts. Student discounts can save you money at tourist attractions, public transport, shopping malls, cinema and theaters. It is one of the most important studying abroad in Europe tips because nearly in every EU country these discounts are available. In addition, if you own the international student card or ISIC, you will get more profits in living as a student.

5. Buy a belt purse

It refers more to study abroad luggage tips but is not less important. You must always keep an eye on your stuff! Especially when you only start a traveling you risk be a victim of pickpockets. That is why you must keep your the most valuable belongings in the bag that will be very close to you and unreachable for thieves. Belt purses are the best option in this case. By the way, they are a top accessory in this season, you can find the model that will match perfectly with your outfit.

  1. Be a chameleon

Foreign lands are the best place to become a person that you were not in your homeland. The point is that you must do something out of your comfort zone: speak the local language or practice local accent, join the local club, find an internship program. Take on a new hobby that you could imagine taking before! You have a new surrounding and people there do not know your past. That is why you can widen your own borders.

  1. Speak another language

It is a common fact that nearly in every university are several programs taught in English. That is why you can understand teachers from China as well as the teachers from England. But we highly recommend not to limit yourself with speaking only in English. If you learn at least a few Chinese words you will gain a respect from the locals. English accents and dialect vary depending on the area. It is necessary to be familiar with the typical lexis of the place where you study.

  1. Make a good impression of your country

You may not be a patriot, but analyzing your words and actions locals from the foreign university will make an impression about the whole country that you are from. Even if an opportunity of cheap study abroad is a chance for you to escape irritating homeland, do not let yourself wash dirty linen in public. You can start a new life here, and improve life in your motherland after you get essential experience abroad.

9. Make regular journal notes

You are the only person with whom you can be sincere and feel free. It is important to fix all your impressions and experiences immediately in notes. When you travel you must reflect what you feel somewhere. A personal diary is better than memos in your smartphone. In addition, it is a nice practice of your writing skills.

10. Learn how to target areas

Before you enter new lands you must download navigating apps and buy a PAPER map of the city you enter. It is travel tip that will help you to survive abroad.  You must practice how to use these apps beforehand. You can say that reading a map is a sign of last century, but you should prepare yourself for every unexpected circumstance. Electronics are multifunctional, but Map is a thing that won’t let you down because it cannot simply run off the battery.