These are the new traffic fines introduced in Kenya


If you are a driver or even a passenger, there is a high possibility that you have had a bad experience with a traffic police officer regardless of whether you were on the wrong or not. Most often than not these guys take advantage of the ignorance of members of the public to shake them down. What usually happens is that in case you are caught for an offense let say speeding, they usually exaggerate the fine in order to prompt you to negotiate for your freedom aka kitu kidogo. It is wise to know the fines that should be charged for the various infractions to prevent a shake down. It is also wiser to follow the law so as to avoid being in such situations.

Here are the various offenses and their resultant fines as per the Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 165 printed on 23rd September 2016.

Nature of offense Penalty (Kshs)
Driving without identification plates or the plates not being fixed in the prescribed manner 10,000
Driving a vehicle without a valid inspection certificate ( applies to pickups and commercial vehicles) 10,000


Driving without a valid driving license in respect to the class of the vehicle 3,000


Failure to renew a driving license 1,000
Driving a PSV while being unqualified 5,000
Failure to carry and produce a driving license on demand 1,000
Exceeding speed limit as prescribed by a traffic sign

·         1 – 5 Kph

·         6 – 10 Kph

·         11 – 15 Kph

·         16 – 20 Kph



·         Warning

·         500

·         3,000

·         10,000

Driving on a pavement or a pedestrian walkway 5,000
Failure to obey directions given by a police officer in uniform whether verbally or by signal 5,000
Failure by a driver to conform to any traffic sign 3,000
Failure by a driver to stop when required to do so by a police officer in uniform 5,000
Causing obstruction on the road 10,000
Failure to display life savers in a case where part of the vehicle remains on the road in a position to cause obstruction 3,000
Driving a vehicle on a footpath 5,000
Pedestrian willfully obstructing free passage of motor vehicles 500
Failure to refund fare paid for incomplete portion of journey for which full fare had been paid 3,000
Motorcycle passenger riding without protective gear 1,000
Learner failing to exhibit the “L” plates on the front and rear of the vehicle 1,000
Failure to wear seat belt when vehicle is in motion 500
Failure of a vehicle to carry lifesavers 2,000
Driver using a mobile phone while vehicle is in motion 2,000
A passenger alighting or boarding a matatu at a place not designated as a bus stop  


Travelling with part of the body outside a moving vehicle  



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