The National Police Service has received of 39 out of 80, 7 seater Isuzu mu-X vehicles from Isuzu East Africa in a leasing deal aimed at boosting police operational capacity.

The vehicles have been acquired by the Police through a leasing agreement that comes with a service contract for maintenance over a four year period. Since 2013, the government has leased over 3,000 vehicles for use by the various police departments in a move aimed at cutting costs and improving police mobility in their daily operations within the country.

The leasing model has contributed to growth in the financial sector and the local automotive industry due to growing demand for buses, trucks and pickups. This arrangement also favours SMEs since it frees up capital for operations and expansion. The leasing deal to the National Police Service is supported by various leasing firms and banks. These include Star Rental, Rentco Africa, Coop Bank Fleet Africa Leasing, NCBA Bank and KCB Bank.

Speaking at the handover ceremony held at the Isuzu assembly plant, Isuzu East Africa Managing Director Rita Kavashe said, “Leasing has enabled access to vehicles for the government and other organizations without the burden of the initial heavy capital injection that comes with asset acquisition. The uptake of vehicles through the leasing program is proving to be of great benefit to all parties. It provides cost effective official transport and has also spurred growth in the local motor vehicle assembly industry as demand keeps growing.”