Drink spiking, or being mcheled as its popularly known, has been known to happen in Kenya. It is usually linked to crimes such as rape and theft. For men, theft is usually the end game from drink spiking. However, some have been sexually assaulted and others like John Mbugwa have died from the drugs or from being assaulted for not cooperating. For women, drink spiking is closely linked to sexual violence in bars and even private homes.

One such case was highlighted by Twitter user @Sab__g who shared an amazing story involving a gentleman she had known for a while. The gentleman in question had organized a party at his 4 bedroom penthouse and invited a few people, who included the Sab and two other women. There were drinks at the party that were in the open but at some point the 35 year old host, Hassan Aftin, offered wine to the two ladies that he had brought from the kitchen. One of the ladies had the wine and shortly after the three women left for Privee, a club in Westlands. The wine was obviously spiked because when they got to the club, she collapsed and was unconscious for a while. The rest of the story is below