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Safaricom has launched BLAZE, a product to help the youth be in control of their finances and help them succeed in their specific fields. One of the services offered is creating a plan for mobile services. Think of it as post-paid but now it is in your control. You decide how much to spend over what period of time and you have the choice to renew the plan or unsubscribe. Here is how to do it step by step;

You can either go on to the website directly or dial *555# and follow the steps. Please note that the website can only be accessed on mobile. When you dial *555# you will be provided with these options.

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Select option 1 then you will get a confirmation text from Safaricom

2 3

I tried to log in with Opera Mini but it was tedious so I resulted to using Google Chrome. You will them use your number to access the site where you can create a plan.


You will also get a message with a code that will allow you to go ahead and create a plan




Once confirmed you pick the plan that works for you. There are three plans that have a limit to how much you can spend in a given time.

Daily Plan – Spend between Kshs.10 – Kshs. 100

Weekly Plan- Kshs.50 – Kshs.500

Monthly Plan – Kshs. 200 – Kshs. 2000

I picked the Weekly plan for Kshs.250. You have the option to decide how much MB data you want, minutes to call and text messages. I am not big on text messages so I picked MB data and Calls and this is my plan. Once you are comfortable with the plan click on IGNITE and they will confirm that with a text. You  can renew it after the period selected is done then the specific amount that your plan costs will be deducted from your airtime.




In case you run into problems and you need to contact customer care then you can reach out on Facebook or Twitter.


I have to give to Safaricom for this plan. This plan allows for the youth who cannot afford post-paid services to budget for their expenses that gives us more financial control. This service is part of the grand plan to help young people succeed. The other services are Be Your Own Boss program that will involve a Boot-camp, Summit and a TV Show.

Bootcamp – This will be 2-5 days of intense training of specific skills by specialists in the industry. BLAZERS, those who are part of the program, will be taught how to Be Your Own Boss and begin making money from their skills.

Summit – These are Youth Mentorship Symposiums that will run from 9am-6pm where young people will engage with their mentors and learn from their journey. It is also at these summits that auditions will be held form the upcoming Be Your Own Boss, BYOB TV show. It is good to see solutions being created as opposed to complaining about millennials and not do anything about it.