Back in the day when women opted to do the big chop, it was associated with them going through a phase. Thank heavens for women like Lupita Nyong’o because now ladies are making a fashion statement by rocking short hair. From dyeing it to chopping more on the side to achieve an Afro, short hair allows for diversity. Here are ten Kenyan women who look stunning rocking short hair.

1. Annabel Onyango

She is a celebrity stylist in Kenya and also part of the panel on a local fashion TV show. She cut off her locks keeping her short and maintained the signature blonde colour.

2. Lupita Nyong’o

When she won the Oscar in 2013 donning a cute short afro, many ladies matched to the barbers to get a hair cut. Since then she has experimented with her hair with the latest being these undone finger coils.

3. First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta

While many rush to dye the hair black as they try to hold on to their youth, the first lady has decided to age gracefully, keeping it short and cute.

4. Joy Kendi

Kendi looks good effortlessly. She ditched long hair and occasional weaves for a short hair. She is another lady who has decided to go blonde.

5. Lyra Aoko

Lyra looks good in short hair we almost cannot imagine what she looks like with long hair. She complements the hair with good make-up that reveals her eyes.

6. Cece Sagini

This songbird has nice short hair and usually complements it with bold jewelry.

7. Patricia Kihoro

Patricia is a radio host, singer and actress. Her signature short hair has always made her stand out.

8. Tracy Gesare

Tracy is a blogger who always has a smile on her face. Her short hair forms a little Mohawk which is very edgy and trendy.

9. Kalahi

The Kitunguu hit singer is has a short kinky jet black afro that defines her style. You can also spot her with a headpiece that makes it chic.

10. Nina Ogot

Nina Ogot is radiant and she ranges from extremely short to a little more hair. The Wedding show presenter complements her look with African jewelry .



If you had a doubt about getting a cut here is proof that you can still look good with short hair. It is important that whoever cuts your hair understands the size and shape of your head and then you can get your own unique cut.