M-KOPA has launched a solar-powered 16 inch digital flat screen TV that is available to its clients via several payment plans.

M-KOPA customers who have finished paying off their M-KOPA payment plan can get the TV for Ksh. 50 a day for two years. The total cost will come to Ksh. 36,500 and they will own the TV after that.

New customers can get the TV plus a 20W PV panel, a 16” digital TV, two lights, a torch, a phone charger, and a radio as part of the M-KOPA 400 package. They will need to pay an Ksh. 8,000 deposit and make Ksh. 125 daily payments through M-PESA. The total cost will come to Ksh. 53,625.

M-KOPA offers solar panels plus solar powered products to off the grid customers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Customers make payments via mobile money every day.