Safaricom have announced that their customers will now be able get their full M-PESA statements free of charge via email. Previously such statements were available from Safaricom shops and on their self-care customer portal.

Customers can only get statements of upto 12 months using the service. Those who want statements that cover a longer period will have to go to a Safaricom shop.

Upon registration to the service, Safaricom sends a 6 month M-PESA statement. They will then send a statement every month on the 5th after registration. The M-PESA statements sent are password protected and the password is your ID or passport number.

To access the service customers need to do the following:

1. Dial *234# and Select ‘My M-PESA Information’

Key in the number 2 and press send

MPESA statement

2. Select ‘M-PESA Statement’

Key in the number 1 and press send

MPESA statement 9

3. Select ‘Full Statement’

MPESA statement 2

4. Enter your ID or passport number

MPESA statement 3

6. Enter your email address

MPESA statement 8

7. Confirm email address

MPESA statement 7

8. And you are done

If you get the following then you have successfully registered to receive full M-PESA statements via email.

MPESA statement 4

MPESA statement 5


The service is not recognizing emails registered with .ke domains. Safaricom should look into it and fix it.

MPESA statement 6