The festive season is here with us again and as is the habit we shall find ourselves once again over indulging.We all tell ourselves that we need to live a little and treat ourselves but we end up bloated,constipated and generally uncomfortable.

To avoid repeating the same cycle of events here are a list of things you can do to avoid making the same mistakes.

  1. Drink lots of water

Most of the weight you are carrying around is caused by sodium,found in all the meat and fried food you have been consuming. Get rid of it by taking lots of water which will aid in flushing the toxins out of your system and that bloated feeling you have will slowly disappear.

2. Don’t skip meals

After days of indulging, you might feel the urge to skip meals in a bid to lose some of the weight which is not advisable. Rather than suffer the consequences of over indulging it is better to eat in moderation for example you can eat say half a slice of cake,or take half a glass of soda instead of a full one.This is because the sugar in your system is unstable,spiking after a binge then dropping drastically.

3. Don’t drink and eat

With invitations coming left right and center for lunch or dinner this festive season.One often tends to eat and drink at the same time, however alcohol fills you up with empty calories which just makes you want to eat more. What you need to do is ensure that that if you have to drink you have eaten properly beforehand.Remember the key is moderation.

4. Get moving

After a long and hectic year one often feels that you deserve a break to just chill and relax. However this is the worst time to be a couch potato considering the amount of food that you have gobbled up .Take walks,get some fresh air and if you are reading this from a hotel,take a swim.A little exercise should help you sweat off that water weight,burn some calories and keep a trim figure this festive season.

5.Give yourself a break

Forgive yourself.We all get carried away sometimes.A little indulgence is fine as long as you do not make it a habit.Go back to your usual eating routine as soon as possible,eat and drink in moderation, opt for healthier food options such as fruit instead of chocolate fudge for dessert,have a regular sleep pattern,  do some light exercise and you should be fine.Let this holiday be a chance for you to be a happier healthier you.

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