Lovers of art should check out the Kenya Art Fair from 13th to 15th November


If you are a lover of art, Nairobi is the place to be from the 13th – 15th of November when the Kenya Art Fair 2015 returns to Sarit Center. Organised by Kuona Trust in partnership with Text Book Centre and Sarit Centre, the fair aims to nurture, appreciate and recognize excellence in the contemporary arts.

The Art fair will feature rarely seen masterworks of paintings, original prints, drawings, digital media, installation, sculptures among others. There will also be a mélange of work produced by the different exhibitors stemming from art galleries, art centers, individual master artists and institutions. The fair accommodates approximately 48 galleries, art spaces, art institutions and individual professional artists ensuring quality and excellence while providing opportunities for sales and networking. With over 7000 visitors expected to attend the debut, the fair is undoubtedly the region’s most impactful visual arts platform.

The 2015 edition will include a ‘Digital Art’ competition in partnership with iHub. The competition aims to introduce, emphasize and advance the unique qualities of digital art designs and concepts. It also aims to attract the attention of digital design distributors and buyers to the winners. Awards will be presented during the opening night of the fair. The work submitted by the winners will be showcased at the fair including a digital art installation to engage the public about this genre of visual arts.

The ‘Art Talk’ is a vital part of the educational segment of the fair that provides a full schedule of conversations, presentations and debates on a range of topics focused on all things art in the contemporary scene. Admissions to all programs will be free and will take place in the Seminar room of the Sarit Centre with a session lasting for about 1-2 hours.

The Wasanii Exhibition is a curated space which showcases established and emerging artists as well as curated art projects that have no representation from gallery or art spaces. This particular space is organized by Kuona Trust, Centre for Visual Arts. This year at least 150 art pieces will be showcased ranging from paintings, prints, sculpture, installations and much more.

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