30 Romantic tips for men and women



Romance is the cornerstone of any loving relationship. It is the one thing that communicates dedication and willingness to go out of one’s way to make their partner happy. It does not have to be anything big, small gestures every other day will do the trick. A big gesture once in a while is also in order.

Love is a strong instinct and one should never be afraid or embarrassed to display it. There are thousands of ways to show love to your partner and it all depends on your creativity and the circumstances of your love affair. Though virtually inexhaustible, here are just a few ways in which you can be romantic.

1. Compile sweet love songs that mean something to your relationship and burn them into a CD. Leave it in your partner’s car or house where they will find it. You can also just slip it into the car stereo when you are driving together on a romantic destination for a short holiday or even play it at home when you are having a quiet dinner.

2. Call your favorite radio station and ask them to play a particular song for your partner. Then call your partner and tell them when to tune into that station. It will be a sweet surprise to hear you give a subtle or not so subtle hint of how you love them on air.

3. Make a small gift basket and place it on your partner’s side of the bed. It could be just chocolate and a card saying I love you, or it could be an elaborate arrangement of their preferred flowers. Whichever it is, it will warm its way right into their heart and make them feel loved.

4. Send a random text or email to your partner when they are at work saying how much you miss them and can’t wait to see them at the end of the work day. Do not however bombard them with texts every minute otherwise these can be quite distractive while your partner is trying to work. Just time them well, keep them brief and well spaced.

5) Pick a card and write down the ten things you love most about you partner. Send it by traditional mail. First of all your partner will be taken by the fact that you took the effort to send traditional mail, and then they will light up upon opening the envelop and reading the sweet words inside.

6. Take a beautiful picture of yourself, take it to the printers and them inscribe some sweet words addressed to your partner. Then give it to him/her to put in their wallet where they will see your smiling face and read the loving words every time they open their wallet.

7. Know your partner’s interests and offer to accompany them some time. It may be to a football game for the guy or it may be watching a chick flick for the girl. True, you may know nothing about the activities you are getting yourself into, but it does not cost you anything at all and yet the brownie points you will earn are immense. Besides, it’s a great way to learn new things and you’ll be surprised you may end up really liking some of them.

8. Go to the beach and quietly watch the sun set while you’re holding hands. Occasionally turn to your partner and look into their eyes and kiss them. Also at the beach, write each other’s names and declaration of love on the sand. There’s a certain calmness in the waves and the endlessness of the sea/ocean.

9. Do each other small favors. Look for the one task that you know your partner has wanted to complete for a long time and do it for them. It could be a report that he/she is really lazy to complete and yet you have the knowledge in that field to do a good job at it. Do it.

10. Search the internet for a beautiful e-card and send it to your partner first thing in the morning. It will add a day long sparkle when they switch on their computer or laptop and find such a loving message from a special one.

11. Open a simple blog or website dedicated to just the two of you. Post little messages and blog posts to each other in intervals or just by surprise. Have a password that only the two of you know and don’t share the link with anyone. This will be your own little home on the internet.

12. Lie in a Jacuzzi and just have soft conversation. If you do not have access to a Jacuzzi at home, you can find a hotel with one and book yourselves in for a night or two. Find some sweet smelling foams and oils to add to the water and savor your love and the sweet aromas that will be emanating from the bath.

13. Take your lover for a long drive in the country. Daily life will not always provide time for the kind of conversations you will have during such uninterrupted hours of driving. Stop to take silly photos of things you see along the way. This will create topics for even more fun conversations and humor.

14. Whenever possible, reach out and touch your partner. There is a magic in touch that will keep you both feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The good thing about touch is that you can do it even in public. It is not in any way indecent exposure to just touch someone but you have to know how far you can go if you’re not in a private place.

15. Before having your meal or even just sharing some wine together, toast to your relationship or to whatever is on your minds at that particular moment. It could be a toast to a great future, a toast to having a family some time, or just something you really love about one another. Drink to that.

16. Remember the dates that mean something to your relationship. It could be the day you met, the day you had your first kiss, the day you first made love etc. Mark these days on your calendar and celebrate them together whenever possible. The celebration needs not be anything elaborate. Just a quiet time to reminisce on your best times together.

17. Have a camera with you all the time and take pictures of yourselves during your everyday lives. Photos are not just for occasions and holidays. Have the pictures printed and make a photo album just for the two of you. Edit the photos in fun and goofy ways and you’ll have a good laugh at the results.

18. Always make an effort to look good for your partner. Dress properly and sharply so that you look attractive and so that your partner will be proud of you.

19. Instead of waiting for St. Valentines Day to get romantic, why not start at the very beginning of the month of February. Present your partner with a little gift every day of these 13 days then culminate with a big gesture on the actual day. Also, spread your love throughout the years, not just in the month of February.

20. Spare some days to laze around home and just cuddle, take loads of hot chocolate or coffee and watch some day time television or catch up on old romantic movies. There was some magic to them! You’ll have time to make leisurely love and take naps without the pressures of having to leave the house to go anywhere.

21. Plant a seedling together and take it to represent your growing love. Nurture it as you would your love and watch it grow over the years just as your love will. This gesture is as symbolic as can be for a growing love affair.

22. Poetry is the language of love. Write some for your partner on a little notebook or a piece of paper and read it to them. If you do not know how to write poetry, commission a poet who can do a few lines for you at a fee. Or maybe even a friend who can do it for free. Once the poem is done, you can always edit it to your liking, leaving the framework intact.

23. Ask your partner how their day was and discuss yours too. This will help lift any weights that may be weighing down your shoulders after a long day at work. Bringing each other upto date communicates that you love each other and are willing to get into and participate in each others lives.

24. Cook a special meal for your partner and go all out with the presentation. If possible do this when they’re not around so that they come home to a surprise sumptuous meal made with all the love. The meal does not have to be gourmet; even a simple quick meal can be well presented to look really elaborate.

25. At the end of long day at work or running errands, give your partner a foot rub and if possible a full on massage. Being there to help lift their tension away will make them forever grateful to you and they’ll often return the favor.

26. Cook together or better yet, offer to cook the entire meal for your partner. They will feel honored and are likely to return the favor.

27. When going to a restaurant together, organize beforehand for red roses to be placed on the table you have booked.

28. Have a bubble bath together. Make it special complete with scented candles and some romantic music.

29. If you know how to play any musical instrument, play a soft tune for your lover. If not, you can dedicate one when next you’re in an establishment that has a live band playing.

30. Send texts and emails to your loved one throughout the day. Not so much to occupy all their time but in well spaced intervals.

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