The 4 best ways to spend your money

Mark Kaigwa Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls Bridge
Mark Kaigwa Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls Bridge

Many things have been said about money over the centuries. The most popular being somewhat negative for example, ‘’the love of money is the root of all evil’’ and ‘’money can’t buy happiness’’. Human beings have a complicated relationship with money but the one thing that is clear is that it is necessary and must be managed well.

There are lots of books on how to make money and the best ways to manage it. There are even seminars and conferences that have high profile businessmen/women who dispense money advice at a fee. There’s almost a spiritual relationship we have with money as we try to figure out how we can make more of it so we can spend it on the things we need and/or want. The advice on what to spend the money we have is also in plenty. However, what can we spend our hard-earned (hopefully) money that can improve the quality of our lives? Here’s a list.

1. Experiences

It’s easy to spend our money on material things. Of course we do need furniture, clothes and a car. There’s nothing wrong with buying material things that make our lives more comfortable. In our spending on these things however, we should set aside money for experiences. Experiences include holidays and quality time with family and friends. For quality time especially with friends, let it not be just drinking and clubbing. Instead of buying a bigger TV, take a holiday or do something new and exciting such as climbing Mt. Kenya or bungee jumping at Sagana. You don’t need lots of money to take a holiday. Simply look out for holiday offers online as well as focusing on planning around the low peak season.

2. Health

Our bodies are how we exist on earth and they therefore have to be taken care of so we may enjoy a full life. Healthy foods tend to be slightly more expensive than fast food. Go out of your way to spend more on healthy food as it’ll turn out to be cheaper in the long run when you consider your health.
Invest in health insurance. This cannot be emphasized enough. It’s cheaper to pay Kshs 40,000 for cover than cover a Kshs 1,000,000 bill. A lot of these insurance companies offer the option to pay for health insurance in installments. Make sure you’re covered.

3. Charity

I’m a huge believer in giving back to society. Money given to help the vulnerable in society is money well spent. There are so many charities around you can give to. Pick one that perhaps helps out in a cause you’re passionate about. If you can, give more than just your money and go the extra mile by giving your time as well.

4. Art

We may not all agree on what is beautiful art. However, we can agree that art can be an investment. It’s great for décor for your home as well as being an investment (depending on the artist). Again, you’d rather invest in art than in a huge TV whose value depreciates as soon as it sits on your TV cabinet.

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