6 ways to keep a girl interested


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1. Make her feel special

Your woman will want to feel that she rocks your world and if your love for her is real, she will indeed rock your world. Make her feel your gratitude for this by treating her every bit like the queen she is. Do things for her that you would otherwise not do for other people so that she feels different and special.

2. Be in charge

A strong man is an attractive man. Girls will not be attracted to a man who cannot even get his basic life affairs together. Be in charge of your life, finances and situations around you. You’ll communicate to her the image of a man who can take care of her at all time and she’ll love you for that. Also, be strong physically as this is one first impression attribute that will not go unnoticed.

3. Give her attention

Be attentive to your girl in both expected and unexpected ways. Little loving unexpected gestures will particularly touch her heart. Come from behind her and wrap your arms around her in a gentle hug. Kiss her hair and neck and whisper to her something sweet and genuine. Tell her what you like about her and assure her that she’s your first priority.

4. Talk about her interests

Her interests will most likely be worlds apart from yours. Like most guys, you may be into sports, car racing and video games while she may be into softer games and girlish hobbies. This does not mean you ignore her interests. Even though you may not necessarily watch chick flicks with her, know just enough about them to ask her the appropriate question once in a while. This way she’ll feel that you really are interested in her world.

5. Be there in her time of need

Every once in a while your girl will be the damsel in distress and you have got to show up and act the knight. Whether she’s sad about something as trivial as breaking a nail or as big a death in the family, be her shoulder and show concern. Stick by her no matter what so that she lives in the assurance that if something happens to her, she will always have someone loving and caring by her side. Make it a priority to show her that her safety and security is your biggest goal.

6. Make her laugh

Having a sense of humor cannot be underestimated in a relationship. Crack funny jokes making sure they’re not crass, insensitive or offending. Play with her and you’ll both have a good genuine belly laugh. Who knows, this could be a prerequisite for great sex immediately or afterwards depending on where you both are. Have a pillow fight to lighten the atmosphere in your bedroom and you’ll always have the girl in your corner.

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