Sorry Uncle Obama: Wrong Hole

Obama cares about the gay of Uganda but not the women? (Image: Constantine Report
Obama cares about the gay of Uganda but not the women? (Image: Constantine Report

It is illegal to be gay in Uganda. Quite a ludicrous piece of law, which, in my opinion, should be blamed on Uncle Obama’s willingness to fumble around with everything, which saw him ending up in the wrong hole this time.

See, I don’t give a fuck if you are gay, or if you prefer sleeping around with pieces of furniture, or with anything, as long as your relationship is consenting. Of course this does not include people under the age of 18, and leaves you and your weird tastes to prove that the cow you are eyeing is a consenting partner.

The government has no business in your sexual preferences and neither do they, as long as they do not infringe on my rights of on the rights of others. I still do not understand why governments are interested in marriages, or for that case, how many men or women you marry. The only point government should come in should be if there was a contractual agreement that was broken and requires a court settlement.

Now that you agree with me that government has no business with what you decide to sleep with, and neither do I (as long as it is not me of course), the gay people have no business involving the rest of us in their business.

This is where Uncle Obama and men who find other men irresistible have gone wrong. I don’t go around shouting my sexual preferences and demanding other people support them, and therefore do not understand those who go around demanding they be supported in their sexual preferences.

See, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO is gay. He does not go around demanding that he be supported and demanding acceptance. We don’t mind what he does in his bed and neither does he insist in flaunting it to the rest of us.

See, if you feel something is weird, and you badly want to do it, go ahead, embrace it. Don’t blame the world for your feelings and try to get us to endorse it.

Gay people have long existed in Uganda, and lived in peace, as long as they avoided the abundant idle idiots who all over Africa, are in the business of getting into other people’s business.

The other day, I found a group of 20 men tightly gathered by the roadside. These chaps had joined an argument between 2 men.

If you happen to have an accident in most residential urban areas or in town centres, a group of men will join you to discuss and give their opinions on the accident. Idleness is in abundance.

Which brings us to Uncle Obama and Uganda.

While Obama has had political success with the whole business of who sleeps with who in the United States, Uganda is a different case.

Things are bad in Uganda. Like any other African country, instead of focussing on the basics, Museveni and other politicians have decided to involve themselves in posting troops to other countries and other easier distractions.

The affairs there are so sad that adult women can’t decide what to wear or whether they are decent. The state has come up with rules defining what women should wear and their levels of decency or indecency. Museveni and his cronies, it seems, believe men are too immature to have minds of their own.

Cue Uncle Obama. Rather than fight laws that took away the rights of millions of Ugandan women, Obama decided to pick up a fight on what some people feel is UnAfrican.

Of course, to prove a point to Obama, that we are independent and don’t need help such as dealing with armed and crazy Africans or recovering from the effects of drought, or helping the oft ignored poor, Uganda passed the protest law.

The law has even attracted the support of ladies in Uganda, keen on making a payback to Uncle Obama for abandoning the women of Uganda and choosing to support the gay people in Uganda.

Furthermore, it’s laughable that Obama thinks that gays will get their rights when same are denied to women, the opposition and with the country being a low income country.

Then a few other countries are reported to have denied Uganda aid due to passing of the law. Museveni and the people who passed the law clearly don’t need aid. The millions of Uganda that are bound by such laws benefit from aid.

Denying them aid thus is the equivalent of walking into find a person has been punched down by someone they know, and in order to punish whoever punched them, you choose to punch the person again.

Hopefully, next time, Obama will have better success finding the right hole, and perhaps better understanding of African politicians, much more than their voters do.

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